Initially, check if there is an Authorized Gertec Technical Assistance – REGAT in your city or region

You can personally take your equipment to one of these authorized networks and answer your questions about your equipment (counter assistance).

Find Technical Assistance

1. If you decide to send it directly to GERTEC, follow the instructions below:

This policy is intended to establish the process for submitting products for repair.

All information must be submitted as instructed in this document to expedite service to your repair.

Once all instructions have been fulfilled (sending the equipment accompanied by all accessories (headphone and cables), the invoice or shipping statement, registration data properly filled in, as well as the description of the damage), the deadline for sending a quote or return of information about equipment that is within the warranty period, is up to 10 working days after the product arrives at Gertec.

When sending your equipment for repair, it is mandatory to fill in and send the registration update form.

Fill in your registration form

2. Tax documents

2.1 State-registered company

It is necessary to issue an Electronic Invoice for shipment for repair, similar to the example available here (the fields highlighted in green must be identical to the example and the fields highlighted in yellow must be filled in as described).

Every company that has state registration is required to fulfill ancillary obligations such as issuing an invoice to support the circulation of the product and carrying out tax writing. This invoice can be electronic or not depending on your type of company – your accountant will help you in this process, please contact him/her to solve this and other issues in this procedure.

Information that must be included in the invoice

Gertec Data – Service Units
Gertec Brasil Ltda.
CNPJ: 03.654.119/0004-19
I.E: 286.502.952.112
I.M: 75419

Rua Guaicurus, 145 – Vila Conceição, Diadema – SP
CEP: 09911-630
CFOP Remittance for repair 5,915 (State of SP) or 6,915 (for other States)
Equipment price
(according to purchase invoice or price registered in your company)
Complete company details
(Phone and email are essential to register and contact us if necessary)
Problem Description
Do not highlight taxes
(there is no taxation on shipping for Repair)

The equipment price will be used to compensate in case of loss, theft or misplacement, when the equipment is in Gertec’s possession and during the return. For cases of warranty service, the customer is given the choice between cash or new equipment. For cases where the claim occurs during the phase of sending the customer to Gertec, the responsibility lies with the customer.

2.2. Companies without state registration or individuals

A statement must be issued.

(all fields highlighted in gray are mandatory and can be filled in in Excel or printed and then filled in manually).

Download the statement template

The document will only be valid when fully filled in, dated, signed and with an RG or CPF number, in the case of a legal entity with the company’s CNPJ stamp.

According to §1 of article 97, of the Resolution of the Management Committee of Simples Nacional – CGSN, nº 94/2011, an individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) is allowed to issue an invoice in the operation with Gertec.

Check if your company is a MEI

At the time of consultation, the field “SIMEI Status” must be filled in with “YES”.

See the example here

Gertec reserves the right to check the veracity of the information, such as mandatory issuance of the invoice or exemption of state registration.

3. Problem Description

In order to optimize the fulfillment of your request in the Gertec service area, it is necessary to make a “ticket” informing the description of your problem (something very simple, on any paper that can be sent inside the equipment box or stapled with the invoice).

To make it easier, we are exemplifying below:

Problems presented by the equipment
(Message “Equipment Blocked”, cannot connect, battery does not charge, cable with physical damage, among others)
It is not mandatory to inform the serial number, but if it appears in the invoice or statement, it must be the same as the equipment physically sent.

4. Main mistakes

To prevent your product from being sent incorrectly for repair, we suggest that you evaluate the main errors that are identified upon receipt.

Evaluate the list of top mistakes here

We confirm that we do not validate the invoice by email – follow the instructions in this procedure, ask your accountant for help in case of doubt. If we receive the goods with the absence of an incorrect tax document, we will refuse it upon receipt and the repair will not take place.

5. Other information

The equipment and its accessories (power bricks and cables) must be sent to the address of Gertec Brasil Ltda. – Services Unit:

Rua Guaicurus, 145 – Vila Conceição – Diadema – SP – CEP 09911-630.

The same can be sent by the post office, carrier or delivered personally and must be accompanied by the Invoice or Statement that appears in this policy.

In the case of a product under warranty, in addition to the Service Invoice or Statement, a copy of the product purchase invoice is required.

Learn more about the warranty

The invoice for the service provided will be made available on the Diadema Municipal Administration website and the information necessary to obtain the invoice will be sent by email as stated in your registration, always keep your registration updated.

Check your service invoice

In the “authentication” menu (bottom center of the page) then in the option “By NFT-e”. The Invoice number, verification code and CNPJ of the provider will be required (information available in the email that will be sent)

Gertec cannot be required to send the invoice to emails other than or different from what is stated in the registration, sending the invoice in PDF, issuing the invoice on specific dates, payment conditions different from those negotiated when sending the quote etc. If the service is provided and payment does not occur, collection measures will take place and under no circumstances will the invoice be cancelled.

If you have any questions, contact Gertec, through the channels:

Chat: online service
Phone: 011 2173-6500.