1. Coverage

Gertec, within the limits set forth in these terms and the law, guarantees, as a manufacturer, the warranty against manufacturing defects for the period informed at the time of sale of the product, counted from the date of issuance of the sales invoice.

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Gertec guarantees that the products covered by this Term are free from defects in their electronic and mechanical components and from assembly defects, during the period of the Legal Warranty, as long as normal conditions of use are respected.

For cases in which Gertec grants the Contractual Warranty, the Legal Warranty period is already included in the Contractual Warranty period. The contractual and legal Warranties benefit only the final consumer of the product and are not transferable.

During the period and under the conditions of the legal or contractual warranty, the defective modules or parts will be replaced by new or reconditioned parts, of equivalent or superior quality and technology, respecting the original product specifications and applicable Brazilian legislation. The replaced parts will have functionality equivalent or superior to those that were defective, and all defective and replaced parts during the term of the Legal or Contractual Warranty will be returned to Gertec, or to Gertec’s authorized technical assistance, and will become their property.

For such replaced parts, the Legal Warranty term will be counted and will not mean the renewal of the Product’s Contractual Warranty Term or renewal of the Legal Warranty term for the product.

You have the right to the service provided for in the Contractual Warranty or in the Legal Warranty at Gertec’s authorized technical assistance centers or at Gertec itself. Have the purchase invoice of the product with you at the time of requesting the service, as well as this term duly filled in.

In the case of shipment of the product to Gertec, the customer must pay for shipping and other expenses with transporting the product in advance.

2. Exclusion from Coverage

This Warranty Term, both Contractual Warranty and Legal Warranty, does not cover:

– Consumable parts, such as non-rechargeable batteries etc.;
– Incorrect connection of external peripherals that could damage the product;
– Supply voltage not selected incorrectly or outside the technical specifications of the product;
– Cleaning, cosmetic repairs or wear and tear resulting from normal product use;
– Damage caused by misuse, abuse, fall, negligence, recklessness or malpractice;
– Damage caused by storage or use in conditions outside of product specifications;
– Damage caused by equipment that produces or induces electromagnetic interference;
– Damage caused by electrical installation problems or installations that do not comply with ABNT standards;
– Damage caused by modifications or incorporation of the product in other equipment;
– Damage caused by violation of the product, attempted repair or adjustment by third parties not authorized by Gertec;
– Damage caused by agents of nature such as electrical discharges (lightning), floods, fires, landslides, earthquakes etc.;
– Loss and damage caused by the product or the failure of the product’s performance, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, financial losses and productivity limitations resulting from acts related to hypotheses of non-coverage of this Contractual Warranty;
– Use of non-original parts or components in the product;
– Missing, erasing or tampering with the product’s serial number;
– Opening the product cabinet or any tangible or intangible component of the product;
– Breaking of the tamper-evident seal of the product;
– Update or any other product modification;
– Parts, software and other products from other manufacturers that are incorporated into the products;
– Actions that contradict any of the items of the INSTALLATION – GENERAL REMARKS;
– Total or partial loss of any computer programs, data or removable magnetic media;
– Travel expenses for home service.