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Teclado para PDV TEC-E 66

The programmable keys, with up to 4 digits per key, on the TEC-E 66 provide agility in your point of sale operations. Its robust manufacturing technology offer high durability even with the most intense daily use.


Programmable keys with up to 4 digits per key

High durability

Track 2 magnetic reader

18 months warranty

Technical Specifications
Ref. code




Magnetic Reader

Track 2


1 - PS2


66 keys


Programmable keys with up to 4 codes per key




245 x 155 x 70 mm ( LxHxW)


18 months



Frequently Asked Questions

TEC-E 66 - The keypad can store up to 4 codes per key. Is it possible to switch keyboard keys?

No, it is not possible. The concept of 4 codes per key works as follows: when pressing a key, the codes recorded on that key will be issued in sequence, that is, if you record the code for key A on page 0 and for key B on page 1, pressing this key will print AB.

TEC-E 66 - Is it possible to use a USB or serial converter on the programmable keypad?

It is not possible to use converters with programmable keypads, as the device was designed to use a PC PS2 port.

TEC-E 66 - How do I record my programmable keypad layout?

When executing GRAVAPLUS, a screen will be displayed containing the Program Menu, a picture of the keypad to be programmed, the keys available for programming and the keypad matrix, where the configuration will be carried out. Depending on the selected keypad model, there is the option of programming up to 4 codes per key. To program 4 codes, pages 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be configured. Example: To program a key to send a double zero (00) to the computer, the value 0 must be set on the 1st page and the value 0 on the 2nd page of this key. 1st Step: After executing GRAVAPLUS, select with the mouse the Keypad Model to be programmed in the Tools Menu. After selecting the Model, a picture of the product will be displayed, the page where the keypad will be recorded, the keypad layout matrix and also a list of available keys to add to the keypad. 2nd Step: With the mouse, select the page to be used in the keypad programming, if the selected model offers this option. Select also with the mouse, in the keypad matrix, the key to be programmed, which will be highlighted differently from the others. Check the value assigned to this key by selecting it with the mouse in the key selection window, and the corresponding value will be displayed on the keypad layout being programmed. 3rd Step: Repeat step 2 to set the other keys on the keypad and all its pages. If you want the key to have only a single value, set only the 1st page of the keypad. Unused keys must be programmed with the value NULL, through a specific key in the Key Selection. 4th Step: After configuring all the keys of the programmable keypad, with the mouse, select the button RECORD KEYPAD. The status bar will show that keypad recording is in progress. It is important to let the recording run to completion and that no other programs run at the same time.

TEC-E 66 - Using the GravaPlus program, is it possible to rescue my keypad recording?

No, to check the recording of keypad keys use the notepad to type each key.

TEC-E 66 - My keypad does not work. I recorded the keys with GravaPlus, but when typing, the information does not appear on the display. What do I need to do?

Keys that are recorded on the keypad should not actually appear on the display. For typed information to appear on the display, an application (software) must do this work. Gertec provides DLLs for keypads which help to create software with this functionality.

TEC-E 66 - How can I run the applications and examples on Windows Vista and Windows 7?

To run our applications on these OS, right-click on the application and select the option Run as administrator.

TEC-E 66 - Would you like to learn the difference between TEC (TEC44, TEC65, TEC66) and TEC-E (TEC-E44, TEC-E65, TEC-E66)?

The main differences between the two are: - Warranty: TEC (12 months) and TEC-E (18 months) - Colors: TEC (3c) and TEC-E (black) - Communication Interface: TEC (PS2) and TEC-E (PS2 and USB) - Durability: TEC (10 million touches) and TEC-E (50 million touches)

TEC-E 66 - How can I save the layout configuration of a programmable keypad?

Using the GravaPlus application, after configuring the keypad, click on File/Save As... and choose a directory to save the file, it will be saved with the .gtc extension. If you need to configure the keypad again, in GravaPlus, open the file that was previously saved and press the Record Keypad button.

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