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Teclado para PDV TEC 55

With 55 programmable keys and a modern and ergonomic design, TEC 55 is your big ally and facilitator at point of sale operations.



Programmable keys

Audio buzzer for audible warnings

Magnetic reader (optional)

Technical Specifications
Ref. Codes

00407991 | 00408522



Magnetic Reader

Yes (optional)


1 - PS2 (00407991)
1 - USB (00408522)


55 keys


Programmable keys with up to 4 codes per key Buzzer for audible warnings


00407991 - 715g | 00408522 - 690g


285 x 185 x 80 mm ( LxHxW)


12 months


000407991 - Yes | 000408522 - No

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a POS Keypad?

A POS keypad or programmable keypad features functionality on its keys that extend the default that you might find in a conventional model. They include blank keys that can be programmed with settings or commands for your business, making processes or procedures faster and more agile.

How can you use it?

These configurable buttons communicate with the general system of your POS and are used to expedite the sales process, such as: making an addition, calculating a discount and finalizing the order with just one button. They are known as the “supermarket cashier keypad” due to their recurrent use in this type of establishment.
Some more advanced POS keypads have card readers, in addition to various shapes and sizes to offer better comfort for the user.

Alguns teclados de PDV mais avançados possuem leitores de cartão, além de várias formas e tamanhos para dar mais conforto para quem for utilizar.

Why Gertec?

Gertec is one of the main commercial automation and payment methods companies in Brazil, with over 30 years of market experience. All Gertec keypad models are built with durability, operator ergonomics and ease of use in mind. There are dozens of models that can be suited to your business.

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