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Microterminal MT-740

The Gertec MT-740 Microterminal is ideal for consumer card applications, like solutions for bakeries, bars, cafeterias, restaurants, among others.
The product has 44 programmable keys that allow the creation of different applications. It comes with a development tool and integration with other systems.
It has a liquid-crystal display with 2 lines by 40 characters and backlight.


Ideal for consumer card applications

44 programmable keys

Development tool

Integration with several systems

Liquid-crystal display with 2 lines by 40 characters


Technical Specifications
Ref. code



Liquid crystal with 2 lines by 40 characters with backlight.

Magnetic Reader

Track 2


1 - Ethernet


4 - Serial
1 - PS2


44 keys




Programmable and customizable keys

Power Supply





240 x 70 x 175 mm ( LxHxW)


12 months



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a microterminal?

We can say that a microterminal is a device that streamlines processes at the point of sale, like a programmable keypad. Its main advantage is the ability to run a POS System, or part of a system, within it. This way you can eliminate the problems of a conventional POS computer, such as malware infection, operating system crashes or any other interruption.

How do I configure the IP and serial ports of the MT 740?

To configure the microterminal, connect an external keyboard to the device’s AT port. Turn on the device and press the P key on the external keyboard during startup. Make the necessary modifications and don’t forget to save the new configuration

Is it possible to customize a microterminal’s keypad?

Yes. Use the GravaPlus application to customize the Gertec keypad. Select the option “Generate GTC for MT”, perform the desired configuration and save the generated file. Using our examples (C/Delphi) send the created layout to the device.

What is the difference between a microterminal and a programmable keypad?

The main difference is that a programmable keypad is connected to a computer’s AT/PS2 or USB port, with being 1 device connected to 1 computer. With a microterminal, it is possible to connect several microterminals to a single computer through a network cable (Ethernet), with no distance limitation.

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