Gertec’s GerSAT and GerMFE have a standard 24-month warranty. By registering your products in the Additional Guarantee, your company has more benefits.

1. The Additional Warranty provides:

– Extension of the Gertec warranty from 24 to 36 months;
– Access to a free test drive for 90 days at Gestor@CFE¹

2. Gestor@CFe

The solution that facilitates the management of CF-e and SAT and MFE devices and optimizes your time.

– Remote activation, blocking or updating of SAT and MFE devices.

– Monitoring device operating status.

– Time verification without communication with SEFAZ.

– Monitoring the status of coupons with SEFAZ.

– Coupon custody.

– Fix for rejected coupons.

– Data summary per period.

– Custom web and email alerts setup.

– Error prevention, avoiding fines.

– Exclusive web dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere.

Plans and services can be consulted with our commercial team. For any questions, please contact us:

Gertec Commercial Department
11 2575-1000

3. Gertec Customer Service (SAC)

If you have any questions, please contact Gertec through our customer service.

Phone: (11) 2173/ 6500